Syrian feminists: ‘This is the chance the war gave us – to empower women’

Source: The Guardian   Samira Shackle Monday 7 August 2017 12.08 BSTLast modified on Friday 6 October 2017 13.12 BST In the early, heady days of the Syrian revolution, opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and advocates for human rights saw an opportunity. “Women were extremely active and present,” says writer and journalist Samar Yazbek. But as the war escalated, some [...]

Conflict in Syria: stop instrumentalising women’s rights

Source: openDemocracy MARIA AL ABDEH 19 April 2017 The international community is not listening to us. It must depoliticise the fight against sexual violence and humanise the countering violent extremism strategy.   Women Now vigil in remembrance of Jo Cox MP. Women Now. All rights reserved.From the outset of the crisis, women have played a significant role in [...]

Siria, nelle mani di chi sta il futuro di un Paese da ricostruire?

Source: I leader europei e da altre regioni decideranno il prezzo del futuro del Paese martoriato dalla guerra. Durante la conferenza di Bruxelles fissata per oggi 4 aprile, intitolata “Sostenere il futuro della Siria e della regione”, si deciderà se esercitare pressione per far valere i principi dei diritti o se tali principi finiranno [...]

How will President Trump’s administration affect women and girls across the world?

Source: openDemocracy Alongside this year’s UN CSW, we asked women doing gender work across the globe how US President Donald Trump’s administration might affect their region. From North to South, we are witnessing a global backlash against women’s rights progress. Perhaps the most visible example of this worldwide trend is the White House’s newest resident [...]

About Women Now

Source:   Before the war, a large proportion of Syrian women were in need of educational courses to hep them become financially independent, so as not to remain in the ‘shadow’ of men. During this war, they have become in need of courses of all kinds, including trauma counseling. This environment is what led [...]

N’oublions pas le calvaire des femmes en Syrie

Source: Bibliobs Une femme, en Syrie, en 2014, dans le camp de Yarmouk, attendant l'aide humanitaire. (©Uncredited/AP/SIPA) Samar Yazbek Publié le 15 mars 2017 à 10h41 EN BREF Depuis le premier jour du soulèvement populaire, le 15 mars 2011, jusqu'aux heures les plus terribles de la guerre, les Syriennes n'ont jamais cessé de se battre pour la [...]

Lessons from Syria on women’s empowerment during conflict

Source: openDemocracy Syrian women will be the pillars of any future democratic process. Their efforts deserve support from national and international actors.   A gathering of Women from Women Now network in besieged eastern Ghouta in Solidarity with Daraya women campaign (April 2016)“I risked my life to participate in demonstrations against dictatorship and the oppression [...]

Women Now For Development

Source: Peace Direct Previously Soriyat For Development, Women Now for Development was established in June 2012 in Paris. Women Now is the largest women’s organisation working to empower Syrian women inside Syria and its neighbouring countries, with over 10,000 people benefiting from their services in 2014. It works within Syria and cooperates with local partners, grassroots [...]

Syrian NGOs Lament ‘Dreadful Silence’ at Summit

Source: News Deeply WRITTEN BY: Zuhour Mahmoud   After the United Nations lavishly highlighted its achievements during the World Humanitarian Summit, Syrian NGOs have expressed their dismay that the gathering failed to help develop sustainable solutions to the crisis.   SEVERAL SYRIAN NGOS have expressed severe disappointment with the World Humanitarian Summit, saying they were dismayed by how [...]

Mariam, miraculée du régime Assad

Source: JDD papier   RENCONTRE - Elle ressemble à n'importe quelle jeune femme, n'importe quelle touriste. Menue, pas très grande, elle surfe sur son téléphone. Assise sur les bords de la fontaine, Place du Châtelet, Mariam Hayed n'est pourtant pas n'importe qui. Elle est marquée par une histoire tragique dont elle s'est sortie. Mariam Hayed est [...]

“Malgré la guerre, les femmes de Syrie préparent l’avenir”

Source: Une centaine d'associations sont réunies à Londres pour aborder la situation humanitaire en Syrie, ce jeudi. L'Express a interrogé l'une des activistes engagée au quotidien dans le soutien aux femmes de son pays, la Franco-syrienne Mariah al-Abdeh, directrice de l'ONG Women Now for Development.   400 000 réfugiés syriens sont installés dans plaine [...]