Vacancy: Fundraising Consultant

Vacancy: Fundraising Consultant

  1. Background:

Women Now for Development is the largest women rights organisation operation in Syria and beyond with a unique model of feminist leadership.

Throughout the years, WND has partnered with a wide range of international actors to support its work financially and technically. We partner with regional and international feminist organisations, movements, and funds and with international development organizations to implement women and girls focused programs. However, as funding for Syria is generally reducing, WND is aiming to further diversify its funding streams and look into innovative funding mechanisms that support our sustainability and impact.


  1. Objectives:

The primary objectives of hiring a Fundraising Consultant are as follows:

  • – Develop and implement effective fundraising strategies.
  • – Identify potential new funding sources and opportunities.
  • – Initiate new relationships with potential donors.
  • – Increase overall funding for the organisation.


  1. Scope of Work:

The Fundraising Consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • – Conduct a thorough assessment of the organisation’s current fundraising activities and resources.
  • – Develop a comprehensive fundraising action plan, including short-term and long-term goals.
  • – Identify and research potential funding sources, including individual donors, corporate sponsors, and government funding.
  • – Assist in the preparation and submission of grant proposals and funding applications.
  • – Advise on effective use of technology and online platforms for fundraising campaigns.


  1. Deliverables:

The Consultant is expected to deliver the following:

  • – A detailed fundraising action plan document.
  • – List of potential funding sources with a prioritised approach.
  • – Grant proposals and funding applications.
  • – Recommendations for donor engagement and cultivation.
  • – Revised or new communication materials related to fundraising.


  1. Duration of Assignment:

six months starting February-March 2024, Please specify your working hours in the proposal and financial offer.


  1. Reporting and Communication:

The Consultant will report to the Executive Director and Deputy Director. Regular progress updates and meetings will be scheduled to ensure effective communication, the consultant may need to collaborate with program and communication managers.


  1. Qualifications:

The Fundraising Consultant should have:

  • – Proven experience in successful fundraising for non-profit feminist organisations.
  • – Strong knowledge of fundraising strategies and techniques.
  • – Excellent communication and English writing skills, Arabic is a Plus
  • – Familiarity with the sector and potential funding sources.
  • – Ability to work collaboratively with the organisation’s team.


  1. Proposal Submission:

Interested consultants are invited to submit their proposals by 25 January 2024. The proposal should include a detailed resume, a cover letter outlining relevant experience, and a proposed approach to the assignment including a financial offer.


  1. Selection Criteria:

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • – Experience and track record in fundraising.
  • – Understanding of the organisation’s mission and goals and commitment to feminist values.
  • – Proposed approach and methodology.
  • – Cost-effectiveness.


Remote Work Considerations:

The selected offers may work remotely. However, it is essential that the candidate has the capability to issue an invoice for their services and can be contracted with the organisation.


Important Note:

Only shortlisted offers will be contacted for interviews. Communication regarding the results of this consultation will take place within four weeks starting from the deadline. After this period, all offers that have not been communicated should be considered as not shortlisted.

If you are interested in the position, please send your Offer to [email protected] before Deadline.