We Refuse to Die… Tell Us We Shall Remain

Samah is a widow and a mother of two children. Her husband was killed five years ago during the aerial bombardment on Ghouta. He left her struggling in the harsh circumstances of life, even starving as she was unable to provide food. Nevertheless, she as most of the women of Ghouta, refused to surrender to […]

Fadwa’s soap for sale in Eastern Ghouta

Mrs. Fadwa lives in one of the villages of Eastern Ghouta. She is 35 years old, and bore seven children, three of whom were killed amid the violence. She is also a widow, her husband passed away six years ago. Nevertheless, her motherly nature and her responsibilities toward her remaining children were stronger than leaving […]

Women of Ghouta – “To mourn or to rejoice? To weep or to laugh? To remain silent or to speak?”

I once came across a barren room with no door, smoke rising from the barren structure and decided to investigate. Upon entering, I found a woman of forty-five together with her children. To my right, I saw her elderly husband, who was unable to move, sitting looking out through the opening where the door should […]

Women of Ghouta – Education is key

I work as a teacher in one of the private schools for girls. My dream was to study at the university after finishing high school, but my husband was an obstacle to this dream, so, I decided to teach in a primary school Now, I have four children, nevertheless my dream to complete my education […]

Women of Ghouta 05/04/2018

Often in violent conflicts, the challenges that women face such as pregnancy, birth and female hygiene are sidelined. However, these problems affect half of the community and in the dark basements of Eastern Ghouta are threatening women’s health.   Our brave colleague speaks up in this video message about the difficulties women face under siege […]

Women of Ghouta 03/04/2018

The women of Eastern Ghouta risk their lives every time they come up from the basements and shelters to send messages to the world. They want their voices to be heard. The ceasefire that was supposed to save lives and help civilians was never enforced as one of our colleagues very clearly states in this […]

Women of Ghouta 29/03/2018

While forced displacements are ongoing in Eastern Ghouta, many civilians, women and children, remain trapped and face an uncertain future. We are receiving messages every day from our colleagues and friends, who want to share with you what is happening to them and their families. The women of Ghouta have a message to the world: […]