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The Syrian Road to Justice campaign

These crimes continue to be systematically committed in Syria, and the suffering of victims often continues after they leave the detention centre via other types of social violence, such as discrimination, stigmatization and honour killings.

Speech by Women Now’s Executive Director Dr. Maria Al Abdeh, delivered at the side event on ‘Accountability for human rights violations’ at the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September, 2020

WE NEED COUNTRIES TO BE BOLD, CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE in their efforts to achieve justice for Syria.

In the eighth year for Women Now

“When I first worked with “Women Now” I was a member of the team, volunteering like many others. We take our decisions collectively in consultation with teams on the ground. The decisions we take are built from the bottom up”

Statement of solidarity with civilians in Syria

One year ago, our beloved friend, fellow activist and colleague Malak was killed by an airstrike carried out by the Syrian regime on the then-besieged suburb of Damascus, Eastern Ghouta. We want to remember her commitment to women empowerment,  encouraging others to become leaders and her tenacious spirit. She was only 26 years old, when [...]

Is Help Allowed?

Humanitarian work in Syria: victim of banks’ application of the precautionary principle

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Press release -We Exist- Brussels 2018

Syrian organisations ask the UN and EU not to give up on Syrian civil society.

Peace is only possible if Syrian organisations and democratic institutions play a leading role in the humanitarian response and any rebuilding of the country, a coalition of human rights and humanitarian groups said today, on the eve of the second Brussels conference

Statement of Syrian women’s organizations in Idleb and Aleppo countryside calling for independence of civil society

On behalf of the women of Free Syria and local women’s organizations   Due to the reality we are living with our sons, brothers and husbands under the barbaric bombardment of the Assad forces and its allies, in addition to the deterioration of the security situation due to fighting between the military fractions. Due to […]

International Women’s Day under siege, chlorine and napalm

8th March 2018   Today on International Women’s Day, we usually celebrate women’s achievements, highlight their successes and shine a light on their empowerment. But today is not a normal day. It has been 17 days since our team, consisting of over 60 women, along with all civilians in Eastern Ghouta have been forced underground. [...]

Women Now center destroyed in the midst of fierce bombing of civilian areas

For immediate release 06 February 2018   In recent months, we have witnessed a deterioration of the humanitarian situation in all areas Women Now for Development works in, namely in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta and the countryside of Idlib. In Eastern Ghouta, the long siege has tightened significantly and even medical emergency cases have [...]

Press Release 5 January 2018

Press release 16 October 2017: Letter of the women of Idlib to the world

Press release 26 July 2017

Press release 6 April 2017