We support the social and political participation, representation, input and influence of Syrian women at the local and international levels in accordance with UNSCR 1325, whether as decision-makers or upon decision-makers, towards the achievement of peace and counter terrorism.

Women Now centers are more than places where vocational and educational courses
are held – they are dynamic and energized spaces where women can meet, speak freely,
and find resources that will prepare them as future leaders.

Through activities, workshops, and conferences, we focus on strengthening women’s
involvement and participation in public life, local councils, and local women’s
associations. Topics covering negotiation and debate skills, decision making, team
management, international law, and citizenship policies create wider access to the
public cultural and political sphere. This process encourages women to understand and
advocate for their rights, and maintain active roles in civil society and social
movements which aim to build a peaceful and just future for Syria.

Our centers hold awareness-raising activities to strengthen beneficiaries’ knowledge
and awareness of various topics related to cultural, social, and personal health-related
issues – topics which are not typically discussed in the curricula of our other core

The awareness-raising program is comprised of material which is relevant to the
women’s daily lives – this material is explored through film-screenings, book circles,
conferences, workshops, and lectures. The topics cover issues such as gender-based
violence (how to recognize it and resist against it), marital relations, early marriage
(how to prevent it and identify how it threatens women’s safety and independence),
women’s roles under circumstances of armed conflict, life skills, and reproductive
health (breast-cancer awareness and the stages of a safe and healthy pregnancy).

We are aware that women’s voices are not only excluded from the public and political sphere, but as a result also from the historical narratives. Therefore, we began collecting women’s oral history together with Dawlaty. These testimonies tell the intricate and highly personal stories of Syrian women and paint a picture of the severe challenges women overcome on a daily basis.

In addition, Women Now supported the establishment of a women’s network which aims to introduce Syrian women to knowledge, concepts and issues they did not previously engage with. The Adala network thus aims to empower women intellectually and politically, and educate them about political issues and vocabulary. The network was established in October 2016 and currently has about 130 members, including local Syrian women, as well as displaced and refugee women.