Research & Advocacy

We document and collect experiences and testimonials, conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and raise local and international awareness about women’s rights, women-led activist movements, feminist civil society initiatives, gender-based violence and women’s living conditions in Syria.

Strengthening women’s rights and amplifying local women’s voices are at the core of Women Now’s work, and are inherent in our mission to empower Syrian women and girls. Rather than competing with those who have the same visions and goals as Women Now, we are passionate about supporting and contributing to any movement that is geared towards socially progressive and peaceful change.

Thus, in 2016, our organization took the initiative to develop strong and lasting relationships with a multitude of grassroots and local non-governmental organizations who share our belief that there is a leader inside of every woman and girl, and who share our mission of giving these leaders a space to reach their full potential and act upon their dreams.

Together with Dawlaty and The Syria Campaign, we are supporting the Families for Freedom, a women-led movement focused on the detained and the forcibly disappeared in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are detained or disappeared, the majority of them at the hands of the Syrian regime.

The Families for Freedom stand against enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention by the Syrian regime and all parties to the conflict. These women want to mobilize the public to pressure all sides to find the missing and free the unjustly detained.

In addition, Women Now contributes to various publications and reports with specific knowledge and information on Syrian women and girls. One of the reports we collaborated on was the National Action Plan for the UK government together with Amnesty International and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. This report will be used inter alia to inform the development of the UK’s 2018-2021 National Action Plan (NAP) on women, peace and security. We also contribute to documentations of Human Rights violations presented to the Human Right Council concerning Syrian women and girls. This was done in cooperation with international women’s rights organisations like MADRE.