My property is my right

My property is my right

In this study, which is part of an integrated project encompassing various activities with Syrian women who have experienced property rights violations, we shed light on the violation of property rights among groups of displaced Syrian women in northwest Syria. We also explore the impact of these violations on the lives of Syrian women and their communities.


The significance of this study lies in demonstrating the differing gender impacts of property rights violations, particularly on women. This is achieved by highlighting property rights violations practiced against Syrian women, documenting their experiences in accessing and claiming these properties, and examining the economic and psychological consequences of their property losses.


We also investigate their knowledge of the legal mechanisms for asserting or preserving these rights, as well as the difficulties they encounter in accessing this knowledge, the nature of these obstacles, and the impediments they face in utilizing this knowledge to reclaim or safeguard their properties. Finally, we spotlight the recommendations and solutions from the perspective of displaced women.

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