The Integration of Mental Health Approaches and Psychosocial Support in Syria

This policy brief aims to inform the process of elaborating the terms of reference of the new independent Institution on Missing Persons in the Syrian Arab Republic. It provides concrete and practical recommendations on how to integrate a mental health approach and provision of psychosocial support into these different elements of the Institution. The recommendations [...]

Feminist crisis response to natural disasters in complex crisis

Case study on the earthquake response of Women Now for Development in Syria and Turkey

My property is my right

The significance of this study lies in demonstrating the differing gender impacts of property rights violations, particularly on women

Justice of the place

This book that will cover the context of displacements that have occurred in the countryside of Damascus since 2011, recounting the words narrated by women who lived through displacement

Let Me Keep My Childhood

Organizing Against Child Marriage in Beqaa Valley

Exploring innovative monitoring and evaluation practices tailored for genderbased violence programmes

The project activities included two questionnaires, focus group discussions and key informant interviews

Research: Syria study on opportunities for reparations for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence

The international community must come together to create an international fund or programme to provide interim reparative measures to victims of gross human rights violations, including survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.

Research on the situation of adolescent girls in the Northwestern areas of Syria

This study aims to better understand the life situation of adolescent girls from an intersectional and contextual perspective through exploring possible risk and protective factors experienced by the girls within their community as well as examining the existing multi-sectoral response addressing their needs.

Women Safe Spaces as Facilitators for Justice Visions in the Syrian Context

This paper aims to study justice from the perspective of a select group of Syrian women. It aspires to (re)define ‘safe spaces’ and explore whether Women Safe Spaces (WSS) can be viewed as venues helping to give rise to different perspectives on justice and facilitate transformative effects.

A Holistic Approach to Survival

Transforming Research Strategies in Contexts of War and Conflict Zones

COVID-19 and Women in Syria

Women Now’s CEO Dr. Maria Al Abdeh and Dr. Champa Patel analyze the various gendered consequences of the pandemic on women and girls in Syria as well as their intersection with pre-existing gender injustices in this article “COVID-19 and Women in Syria – Deepening Inequalities” for Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Gender Perspective in Transitional Justice Processes

Women Now for Development has provided some recommendations and lessons learned to the special rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence

Submission from Women Now for Development to the Government of Ireland – re:EWIPA

In coordination with our partner, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), we developed a response to deal with the shortcomings of the proposed declaration