A Holistic Approach to Survival

A Holistic Approach to Survival

By foregrounding Syrian women’s readings, analyses, and strategies of research, we propose ‘a holistic approach to survival ‘as a transformative research strategy under the conditions of mass displacement and war.

Inspired by two research: Shadows of the Disappeared and Syrian Women’s Readings of the Present, Future, and Associated Concepts: On Identities, Gender Roles, Violence, Peace and Justice, and the Possible Futures in Syria and other research by WND that utilize a gender justice approach, the authors of this paper are interested in analysing how research can serve as a transformative strategy for the communities it addresses and emerges from. We argue that such research approach is necessary to adopt in a context of war such as Syria, as it re-establishes the link between research and the unequal, unpredictable, and violent conditions of knowledge-making.

This research paper is the result of collaboration between the feminist research department at WND and the KnowWar project team at the University of Vienna.

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