Whether they have fled Syria, been internally displaced, or stayed in their homes, women
endure acute psychological damage as a result of losing loved ones, being victims of
bombing or chemical attacks, or carrying their lives on their backs in search of asylum.
Unfortunately, inside the country and in neighboring countries, no law protects Syrian women facing violence, lack of shelter, and in addition the daily risk of being killed by bombing.
Protection work thus faces a multitude of challenges, such as the shortage of qualified staff, especially inside Syria, in addition to the turbulent working conditions under the perils of war. All of these conditions make the work on protection specifically difficult.

We aim to protect women and girls and build their resilience to support them in facing their daily lives under war and its atrocities as well as displacement. Our centers are a safe space for women and girls to alleviate their psychological suffering. They are the only space available for women in some of the areas we are working in. The centers provide vocational trainings, educational programs and raising awareness sessions. In addition to case management for women and girls, we are also working with partners on child case management. Each center has qualified staff, social workers for women, children and in some cases a psychologist.

Developed in 2015, the psychosocial support program is comprised of awareness sessions on relevant topics such as trauma and healing, as well as stress relief activities, group discussions, and private therapy sessions.
In Lebanon, Women Now has a dedicated psychosocial support team which identifies
specific, individual needs among both women and children and finds the proper methods
and techniques to meet these needs. Family counseling sessions are also held at the
centers by a psychologist.
Moreover, as the Syrian education infrastructure continues to deteriorate from the destruction of school buildings and displacement or loss of teachers, Women Now took action and established educational courses for girls in order to complete their education and foster their cognitive development.

Girls can attend Arabic, Math, and English classes in addition to other subjects which
they can suggest to the team. Stress relief and recreational activities, such as arts and
crafts, singing, acting, and dancing are a vital part of the programs for the girls and
children, as they create a healthy and positive atmosphere in which they find stability
and exercise creativity. As the women have continued to take on the role of the primary
caregiver, we have childcare facilities in order for the women to be able to come to the
centers while their children partake in activities throughout the day with teachers and

Cultural empowerment also plays a vital role in strengthening the women’s and girl’s self-confidence. We run theatre programs for all ages and also partner with organizations like Seenaryo who established a children’s choir. These activities encourage the children to raise their voices, sometimes quite literally, and also metaphorically to express their emotions.