Vacancy: Researcher

Vacancy: Researcher

Position: Researcher

Organization: Women Now for Development Deutschland e.V

Overall Project Name: Addressing the Crisis of Missing Persons in Syria

Research Topic: Understanding and Advancing Transformative Collective Approaches of Justice in Syria

Reporting to: Research manager and Project manager

Timeline: Between June 15, 2024, to October 30, 2024

Unit of Service: 30 Day


Organization Introduction:

Women Now for Development (Women Now) is a locally-embedded feminist intersectional

Collective organizations led by Syrian women. We utilize participatory and transformative methods by empowering women and girls on the ground in their leadership roles. We also contribute to building women-led/feminist movements and enriching feminist knowledge production nationally, regionally, and globally to reach a more just and democratic society.


Project Introduction and Objectives:

Overall objective:  the project seeks to engage victims and their loved ones more deeply in efforts to determine a way forward for Syrian society, with an emphasis on ensuring a victim-centered and supported approach to addressing the issue of the missing and disappeared.

Syrian survivors, victims, and family organizations transform emerging international political will and momentum into concrete, sufficient, and effective policies and measures to address the missing and detainee crisis in Syria.

The specific objective of the working paper is to develop a comprehensive understanding of collective justice approaches and trajectories for Syrians, particularly those shaped by victims and survivors during the pre-transitional phase of the transitional justice process. This entails exploring the concept of justice from their perspective, understanding their motivations for advocating for justice, and envisioning what justice could mean in their daily lives. Furthermore, the paper aims to analyze the “Women Now for Development” approach to justice, examining both its theoretical underpinnings and practical applications. This analysis will delve into the methodology behind the adoption of this approach, its significance in broader discourse on justice, and opportunities for enhancement and dissemination to other stakeholders.


The scope of work involves:

  1. Researching collective survival-centered groups actively seeking justice in Syria.
  2. Understanding the diverse gender impacts of crimes and violations within these groups, focusing on how this approach can contribute to transformative justice and accountability efforts.
  3. Examining the “Women Now for Development” approach to justice, encompassing theoretical frameworks and practical applications.
  4. Concluding with an analysis of best practices in justice and recommendations for mainstreaming these approaches.



1- an initial methodology that reflects the main outlines of the paper, main research questions, research methods, and participating actors (one month).

2- Draft the paper’s main content or headlines after gathering the data and analyzing it. (up to 3 months)

3- Draft working paper (1 month).

4- Final working paper (1 month)


Skills and Experience:

– Demonstrate expertise in writing research using critical analysis and qualitative research methods.

– Good understanding of the Syrian context, violations, and the existing justice trajectories.

– Previous experience working with civil society organizations and initiatives, preferably in the context of justice or human rights.

– Strong research writing and communication skills.

– Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

– Fluency in both English and Arabic



The researcher will provide bi-weekly updates on work progress to the designated point of contact within Women Now.



The Research work will commence on the 15th of  June 2024, and conclude on the 30th of October, 2024, with key milestones and deadlines outlined in the deliverables section.


Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit the following to [email protected]  starting from 23.05.2024 until 07.06.2024:


– CV (Resume)


– Technical proposal that includes: 

1- Your understanding of the research paper scope.

2- How does this work align with your research passions and your interest in the field of justice in Syria?

3- Proposed initial methodology and possible research methods.


– Financial proposal outlining total project costs, aligned with the units, timeframe, and requirements outlined in the Terms of Reference

– Confirmation of VAT inclusion or explanation if not applicable


Evaluation Criteria:

Candidates will be evaluated based on their experience, and qualifications, with a specific emphasis on experience related to Feminist and women’s rights and research skills and experience.


Remote Work Considerations:

The selected offers may work remotely. However, it is essential that the candidate can issue an invoice for their services and can be contracted with the organization.


Cost and fees


The fees will be commensurate with experience and align with the project budget and the organization’s policies.

Important Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews. Communication regarding the results of this position will take place within one week starting from the deadline. After this period, all applicants who have not been communicated should be considered as not shortlisted.

Women Now is committed to safeguarding program participants from exploitation and abuse. The successful candidate is expected to sign and adhere to the Women Now Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (PSEA) Policy and Code of Conduct.


Adhering to this policy includes the following responsibilities:

  • – Take responsibility to fully understand the policy and its implications.
  • – Follow the Code of Conduct and respect the PSEA policy (Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) at all times (in your professional and personal lives) and ask for clarification if anything is unclear.
  • – Carry out work duties in a way that does not harm children or adults Women Now serves or other staff or volunteers, and does not expose them to risk of abuse or exploitation.
  • – Promote an environment of respect and trust with program participants and community members, both at the office and in the field.
  • – Report any safeguarding concerns according to Women Now procedures.


Women Now is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds. Our hiring process is merit-based, and all candidates will be considered fairly and without discrimination.