Child Protection Workshops and Trainings

Child Protection Workshops and Trainings


Children are extremely vulnerable to the consequences of war and violence in Syria. To help protect Syrian children, Women Now SFD organizes workshops to educate organizations and individuals who work with children.

  • The Project:
    These workshops were set up by the Hurass network and aimed at training individuals who work with children about tools they can use to protect children in an emergency situation, such as a time of war. These workshops also focus on teaching the individuals how to identify the most vulnerable children and how to most effectively help them.
    Teachers, social workers and volunteers that have experience with children organized these workshops. The goal at the end of each session is that each trainee can, in turn, teach others about child protection.
    The workshops, which are organized over the course of a few days, and covered the following topics:
  • Child communication during war;
  • Child protection;
  • Protecting and supporting children
  • Offering psychosocial support to children
  • Understanding how children are affected by the crisis.
    The child protection workshops were held simultaneously in seven Syrian cities: Idleb, Douma, Daraa, Aleppo, Qunaitra, Qamishli, Aamouda. Our entire team participated in the workshop.


  • Qamishli : 3 groups, 44 beneficiaries.
  • Idleb : 5 groups, 61 beneficiaries.
  • Douma : 3 groups, 39 beneficiaries.
  • Daraa : 2 groups, 25 beneficiaries.
  • Aleppo: 3 groups, 38 beneficiaries.
  • Quaaitaa : 3 groups, 36 beneficiaries.
  • Aamouda: 1 group, 15 beneficiaries.

All of the 243 beneficiaries of the child protection workshop were satisfied with what they learned and have given the sessions positive feedback. They felt they had learned a lot and that they were able to use what they learned in their work.
Some NGOs and organizations working to support children in Syria have requested a similar session be organized for them.

Project Details

  • Date: July 30, 2015
  • Categories: Child Education and Protection
  • Project Dates: 2014
  • Targeted Area: 7 Syrian cities
  • Local Partner: Hurass
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 243 people