Nabad al Hayat Center for Children


Children have been deeply affected by the Syrian crisis. Many have been traumatized by the violence, the shelling attacks, being separated from their families, or losing loved ones. These children are in need of programs that will supply them with psycho-social support.

The Project:
Women Now supported the renovation and transformation of a 300m2 basement into a center for children and youth in the city of Saqba. The center, which is run by a team of 24 young graduates as well as a number of volunteers, was equipped with 12 computers, tables, and benches. The center was officially opened on July 15, 2013 but what operational prior to that time.
From August to December 2013 the center welcomed 180 children for reading, math, and science classes. The children were also given access to psycho-socio support. The center’s team also organized fun activities for the children and approximately 200 children took part in these activities.
Forty young women between the age of 15 and 30 also benefited from the center’s services. These women attended classes in English, French, and computer skills.
Even before beginning this project Women Now worked with Nabad to support a writing and entertainment workshop for children in primary school (66 boys and 88 girls), as well as a local school in the village of Saqba in late May 2013. This workshop, “Children draw freedom”, is run by specialists and has allowed young children to gather in a safe and calm environment where they can use their imaginations and express themselves. Through the children’s artwork it is clear that they have witnessed unspeakable horrors. Nevertheless the center allowed the children to express themselves, to find joy in drawing together, and to spend time in a safe place.

The center welcomed 380 children and 40 young women.

Project Details

  • Date: March 12, 2015
  • Categories: Child Education and Protection
  • Local Partner: Nabd (civil society group)
  • The Targeted Area: Saqpah, Rural Damascus, Syria
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 380 children and 40 young women