Huzeifa Al Altrash All Girls High School

Huzeifa Al Altrash All Girls High School


According to UNICEF in Syria 94.1% of girls between the ages of 15 and 24 are literate and about 51% of university students are female. This is not the case throughout all of Syria, especially in rural areas. In rural areas women do not always have the opportunity to attend school or are not allowed to finish high school because it is not believed women need to be educated to fulfill their jobs as housewives.

The Project:
The Huzeifa Al Altrash school aims to support young woman who want to obtain their middle school exit exam (the brevet in the French school system) or a high school diploma.
Two rooms in an apartment were rented and equipped with the necessary supplies. The school is located in the Bustan Alkasar neighborhood of Aleppo, an area that has been heavily attacked. One hundred students were studying to pass the exam for their high school diploma and 20 were prepared to pass their middle school exit exam.
This project was implemented in partnership with Nabd, a civil society organization.

120 young women have benefited from the all girls high school.

Project Details

  • Date: May 19, 2015
  • Categories: Child Education and Protection
  • Project Dates: September 2013-April 2014
  • Local Partner: Nabd (civil society group)
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 120 girls