Cow breeding Project

Cow breeding Project


The small city of Jabal al Zawyah in northern Syria has been the victim of violent attacks since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011. Clashes between the Syrian and opposition forces killed innocent civilians. More recently regime forces have dropped barrel bombs on the town. The numerous attacks on Jabal al Zawyah has made access to food and dairy products almost non-existent and the economy has remained stagnant.

The Project:
Jabal al Zawyah is a small town located in northern Syria, in the south of the Idlib governorate, with a population of 18,500 people. Due to continuous shelling, airstrikes and bombings, most of the families have lost their main breadwinner. The cow breeding project is a micro-finance and sustainable project. 8 different families were given a cow that will provide them with all the dairy products they need. The birth of a new generation of cows will increase the amount of dairy products that can be produced. The families are also able to sell the extra dairy products. The average monthly incoming of each family is around 20000 Syrian pounds, or approximately $100.
This project has four main objectives: to provide a continuous sustainable income for 8 families, to increase the local production of dairy products, to provide milk to children, and to re-boost the economy in the city through the selling of dairy products and the purchasing of feed for the cows.

8 families directly benefited from this project by receiving a cow that allowed them to produce dairy products they could consume and sell. The larger community as a whole also benefited because they once again had easy access to dairy products and the economy in the city was stimulated by the project.

Project Details

  • Date: March 12, 2015
  • Categories: Suport of Income Generating Activities
  • Targeted Area: Jabal el Zawyah, Idleb, Syria
  • Local Partner: Mostafa Qontar
  • Number of beneficiaries: Several families