“Cooperative Shop” Local Solidarity Project

In northern Syria the escalation of the conflict has destroyed a large amount of the infrastructure that existed before the beginning of the conflict, including local businesses. Due to the current situation in Syria everyday food staples are not as abundant as they have been previously and the prices have risen drastically. The Syrian population is confronted with a serious problem of being unable to purchase the necessities they need because they cannot afford them.

The Project:
This project began in July 2013 in the city of Maarat al-Naman, not far from the city of Idlib, in northern Syria.
The project’s goal was to open a food co-op where the prices of goods would be more affordable for the Syrian population. SFD organized this project in collaboration with the organization Basmet Amal.
The main goal of this project was to supply basic food supplies at a lower price. In the long term the project also aims to encourage people who have fled from Maarat al Naman to return. The co-op will also employ three people.

The co-op benefits around 12,000 people in the city of Maarat al Naman and is running smoothly. Many people come to the co-op daily to buy the food they need. Today the co-op is still open and continues to provide lower cost food to the Syrian population.