“Repair of a Fire-Truck” Support for Civil Defense

Northern Syria has been victim to some of worst attacks by regime forces, including regime helicopters dropping barrel bombs on cities. These bombs have been dropped near schools, hospitals, and in busy markets. These attacks are disastrous and target civilians who are, despite the circumstances in Syria, trying to live their lives the best they can.


The Project:
In the northern parts of Syria the communities are led by local councils, which are elected from the community. The councils try to make the most of the resources available to them to organize daily life and to ensure support for different sectors, such as education, health services, and protection of civilians. In July 2013, the local council of Saraqeb, with SFD’s support, was able to repair a fire-track so that it could effectively be used to put out fires, especially after a shelling. Today the fire-truck is still in use and can effectively fight fires.


The entire population of Saraqeb, around 35,500 people, are protected by the fire truck.