“One Same Hand” Female Solidarity Initiative

“One Same Hand” Female Solidarity Initiative

The Ghouta, an area outside of Damascus, has been under siege by the Syrian regime forces for over two years. The inhabitants live in complete poverty and have little or no access to food, clean water, health care, education or other basic needs. There is a drastic food shortage in the Ghouta because humanitarian aid allowed inside this area is incredibly limited. The Ghouta has also been victim of the Syrian regime’s chemical attacks.


The Project:

The worsening situation in Syria has made it difficult to support income generating activities inside the Ghouta and for this reason Women Now has chosen to support a female solidarity initiative founded by a female activist. The project is called “one same hand” and it works to provide meals to the impoverished families of the Ghouta. The project works in solidarity with Syrians outside of the Ghouta. The founder of the project cooks daily to feed 100 to 300 families each day. When the project first began she had few kitchen tools at her disposal, making it difficult to prepare enough meals to feed all the hungry families.

We chose to support this project for two reasons: to support the founder so she can make enough food to feed the most people possible and to encourage women to become active participants in their communities by supporting a successful example.


This initiative benefits 100 to 300 families every day.


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