Psychosocial and Education Center for Children

Psychosocial and Education Center for Children


In January 2014, SFD become a partner of ‘’Hurass’’, the children protection network in Syria. This network began as a small local project, organized by young Syrian women in the suburbs of Damascus. Under the direction of the Non-Violent Syrian Movement the network transitioned to a larger national project in January 2013. With the help of SFD, Hurass was about to further develop their projects and SFD also benefited from the network’s expertise of working with children to enhance our own child protection projects.

The Project:
In collaboration with Hurass, three child education and protection centers were opened from January to December 2014, in the Idleb countryside and the suburbs of Damascus.
These centers work according to the Educational Principles in an Emergency Situation. Thanks to the training centers, this project offered an accelerated learning program to internally displaced children. After completing this program the children will complete a rehabilitation program in a functional school so they can return to normal schooling. The project also includes a large number of psychosocial support activities that can be individualized according to the children’s needs.

A total of 1,346 people benefited from this project. All of the beneficiaries were internally displaced persons inside Syria, 49.5% were females, 50.5% were males, 93.6% were children under the age of 18, and 6.4% were adults above the age of 18.

Project Details

  • Date: July 30, 2015
  • Categories: Child Education and Protection
  • Project Dates: January-December 2014
  • Targeted Area: Idleb and Damascus suburbs
  • Local Partner: Hurass
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 1,346 people